Morning Mindfulness

Morning Mindfulness – daily practice sessions

Meditation is a commitment you make to yourself.  In order to establish this as a habit, regularity is important. Feeling part of a like-minded group of people can also help bring a sense of accountability and group support to your practice.

Practiced daily, meditation will deepen and become more effective over time – the whole day just seems to go better when you do it. 

Live guidance from a qualified Mindfulness teacher brings a different kind of energy and motivation to the practice. You’re not simply listening to a recording but actively participating in a group session where you are supporting others and being supported by others. There is something about seeing the same people online at a certain time every day that creates a sense of group consciousness, of being on a journey together.  Simply by being present you are co-creating this present moment with others.

In Mindfulness consistency is key, practicing at relatively the same time everyday, with a group of people, can help to move the mind toward keeping this personal commitment.


10, 20 or 30  mins every day from !0am CET to 10:30 on this Zoom link

Meeting ID: 968 858 702

Passcode: 020005


Monday:        – Sitting practice – Body/Breath/Sound, Self compassion

Tuesday:    – on Tuesday morning\tomorrow as I teach a hour long drop-in mindfulness session between 12:30-13:30

Wednesday:   – Walking practice – Walking/Sitting/Body/ Breath/Silence

Thursday:      – Sitting practice – Body/Breath/ Sound/Loving Kindness.

Friday: – Mindful movement or Body scan.

Who for:

The way the sessions are structured means they are suitable for people of different levels of practice.

Sitting practice (2 days a week – Monday, Thursday)

  • 0- 10 minutes- Consists of an awareness of the body practice – This is similar to a short sitting body scan that reconnects us to the body and its contact with our surroundings. This is appropriate for beginners.
  • 10-20 minutes- We then move into and awareness of the breath, open awareness and then awareness of sound for the second segment of the practice. This is for people who already have a certain amount of practice.
  • 20 – 30 minutes – We will then move into Self compassion practice/  working with discomfort / loving kindness. These practices will vary on a daily basis. This is suitable for people with an established practice

Mindful Walking (Wednesdays)

  • 0-10 We start the practice by focusing on the connection between the feet and the floor and the breath as we walk very slowly up and down a short area ( for this you need a space roughly 2 meters long to walk up and down).
  • I0-20 minutes – We then expand the awareness bit by bit to include a sense of the whole body, walking and moving through space.
  • 20-30 minutes – For the last 10 minutes we move in full awareness to a sitting position and reconnect with a sense of the whole body before resting on the breath in silence for the remaining time.