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The 8-week MindfulnessCourse

  • The structure of the course consists of eight weekly 2 hour sessions, plus an additional 1/2 day retreat on the 6th week.
  • Weekly sessions are a balance of didactic teaching, experiential practice, and small and large group processing.
  • The 1/2 day retreat is primarily an experiential session where mindfulness is practiced together for a sustained period. It’s usually programmed on a Sunday around session 6 and runs from 10am until 3pm.
  • Another aspect of the program is the set daily home guided mindfulness practices which are around 30 minutes a day. This encourages people to establish and maintain a regular mindfulness practice during and after the course.
  • The teaching and learning environment is designed to be highly supportive of all participants.

One-on-One MindfulnessCourse

One-on-one mindfulness program covers the same development as the 8-week course but is designed for individuals who are looking for something that’s tailored to their needs, in terms of time and location.

One-on-one Mindfulness & personal development

Mindfulness & personal development covers the same content as the 8-week course but is expanded to combine with an approach that incorporates a personal development plan. This helps people get to know themselves better and to target and overcome unhelpful behavioural patterns and develop and cultivate more productive creative ones.

The 8-week in-company MindfulnessCourse

The in-company MindfulnessCourse covers the same development as the 8-week course but is designed to be run in-house and can be tailored to an organizations needs in terms of time and location.

The Teacher, Robin Creswell, is able to visit companies to provide an Introduction to Mindfulness session. This gives a taste of the practices and give a description the benefits of Mindfulness so that people can decide if the courses will be helpful to them.

The Course content can be split into shorter modules over a greater length of time, to accommodate the working practices of the company.

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