When I first came into the course I thought I was just going to learn to relax. I now know that mindfulness is more about being in touch with your inner self and the ability to see your thoughts and then to act on them, or not, as the case may be. All in all it has been a wonderful experience and I have learnt things about myself I did not know before. Knowing that we can lead a life not ruled by stress is a beautiful gift. —IG

I have learned things about myself and about how I react in stressful situations. It gave me tools to observe and accept those situations and find out how I can respond instead of react. I learned a lot …it was quite confronting but extremely important. —MC

I’ve learnt a lot about my reactions and inclination to go to negative spaces and negative thought patterns. Realising that negative experiences garner a lot more emotions than pleasant ones was very important for me, my moods made a lot more sense and it also gave me the opportunity to think back and appreciate nice experiences. —CG

It has been important to discover the practice of meditation more thoroughly and to understand the impact it has on my well being. It also improves the quality of sleep I have and I’m more focused and calm in general. —SB

The course has bought me to an insight into patterns of thinking negatively…I feel more accepting of them and I’m happy to have the awareness of them. —DC

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